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European Crisis And US Rebound

European Crisis And US Rebound The scene is stuck in the mud in the European economy, rebounded late to the repercussions of the economic crisis that began towards the European continent from the West Bank of the Atlantic. And show the European Economic drama like a revenge-American rivalry dates back to the third millennium eve, comes full united states was until half a century ago concluded generations of hostility incurable and fighting inspissated poisoned wounds, and the uncrowned millions dead, did not come out of it «continent bereaved» only with the help of the United States, which Altronix Bot returned and material assistance to awaken Europe from the abyss of war and misery. But the US rescue plan turned into a bridge linking the countries crossed by some union Giostrateja an economic rather than a political, under the name «European Union» Later, shade the 27-nation west of the continent, Central and Eastern combines Mediterranean edges with coasts on the north and east of the Sea-fated from the shadow of communism did not help him too much on growth with the developed west more economically, socially and technologically, but culturally.

European Union
European Union

European economic repercussions if represents the other face of the crisis, possibly in a warning to the shock waves will be integrated in the planet’s cycle to affect China, fearful of a real estate bubble and stumbled and fell in the export surplus in the trade balance, which counts it a lot. The estimated Economic Cooperation Organization that China achieved growth of more than 11 percent this year to fall to 8.5 percent next year.
This European fallout Copy Buffet Software wave They infect members of the euro, which has about two-thirds of EU countries area, between actual members and others want to join. In front view plans for austerity adopted by governments in the European Union, initiated by Greece and then Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Britain, Italy, this does not mean that the other members did not diminish expenditure items in public their budget or do not want, especially that the basic problem faced by Europe, the euro zone is not confined only to overcome the Thousand Dollar Days Software budget ceiling of 3 percent set in the Lisbon agreement deficit, but goes beyond to the public especially the sovereign debt ceiling.

Despite the fact that Spain had a surplus in its budget, but the public debt -, especially relating to families and exceed 103 percent of gross Local-, a major cause of the current financial crisis.

These reasons have weakened confidence in the European single currency, and also in the head, such as the pound sterling and the Swiss franc currencies, especially against the dollar and the Japanese yen. In the rear fear – if the European plan, which nearly a BinarySecret trillion dollars did not support the European economy, and if stopped the Federal Reserve, the US House of European central banks to provide dollar within the scope of «trade lines in dollars» -, of resorting Europe – the euro zone to the currency issue non-covered economic activity, which reduces the value at the level of consolidated financial territory.

Inevitably these worrying the second generation of the European Union referees and officials about the situation, especially in the euro area pay, to take action and protective not recognized under the founding generation procedures, who of course did not recognize the mosaic of Wells Investments Ltd Scam financial instruments that led to the collapses giants of financial institutions, and has shaken the foundations of governance in the economy countries solid. From here proceeded Germany to stop the timer to sell bonds on the types, I suggest the European Commissioner for the internal market put taxes on banks feed «Crisis Fund» (opposed by France and Germany) it must «to assume the financial sector to pay banking crises costs in the future», not taxpayers .

The adoption of the proposal complies with the request of the finance ministers of the European Union, militancy in controlling budgets and austerity in spending, threatening growth, unless it committed to spending limits rationalization and creative balance. The high level of Zulander Hack Software public debt is vulnerable to levels threatening the European economy and the world and, consequently, as it represents the continent in terms of exchanges of trade and services and assistance and innovation and its weight in the planet’s economy components. The European Commission estimates that Greece’s debt amounting to about 137 percent compared to its gross domestic product in 2011, and Italy 118 Ireland 97, Portugal 95, France 84, Germany 80 and Spain 67 percent.

Governments do not accuse the debt alone, Wells Investments System bank interest made moderate debt individuals and institutions far beyond the public debt. For example, this debt amounted to 190 percent of the gross domestic product of Ireland, the end of 2009, and 163 in Spain and 160 in Portugal, 98 in Germany, 91 in France, 90 in Italy and 80 in Greece and 61 in Belgium.

So the crisis proves that the Push Money APP Binary founders of the euro overlooked the fundamental flaws worry about their successors, may be more useful for the future if addressed carefully and supported the foundations of the euro zone and, consequently, the European Union.