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Iceland Gateway To Clean Energy

Iceland Gateway To Clean Energy Serious natural disasters balance during the first third of the year, and a remarkable number of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruption and the movement of tectonic plates, shaking parts of the globe, as if still consists in ancient times as well as cyclones and devastating floods. And record this balance last year, 133 natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes, to 155 human-induced disaster.

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Electric Vehicles

According to the annual survey of the Copy From Warren Buffet a Scam company which is based in Zurich headquarters, that the cost incurred by insurance companies as a result of disasters over the past year amounted to $ 26 billion, a «Low losses» compared to a loss of previous years. The total global economic weight to these disasters 62 billion. If the earthquake disaster, as in Haiti, China, Chile and other hot spots, pushed governments and global institutions to provide emergency aid and the intervention of the rescue, the «revolution» Iceland Volcano Island stopped the arteries of transportation for about a week and isolated airports developed countries in Europe and surrounded the more than seven million passengers and almost lead to the bankruptcy of the airline companies are no longer able to accumulate debts and collect the Copy Warren Buffet Software figures of its losses since the outbreak of the causes of the global economic crisis over two years ago. It may adversely affect the economies of or delay the process of growth.

The island, which has assumed the advanced ranks of the other countries in the global economy indicators and achieved each of its population numbering 320 thousand, annual revenue of more than $ 54 thousand in 2007, fell two years in the lava mortgage crisis before the broken bonds of its economy and surrendered declaring bankruptcy as the first state-of-the victims of mortgage crisis US.

If Iceland does not belong to continental Europe or North America land, but rather resulted from the rise in the earth’s crust at the confluence of tectonic plates transatlantic between the poles, they are affected by the US economic crisis and the European depositors at banks.

Before the crisis Iceland was one of the most affluent countries. Not Is Copy Buffet Software A Scam wealth of fishing and whale tourism only, but also of its banking industry, which before they explode from the inside, swelled the budgets of its banks for the equivalent of ten times the gross domestic product, or about $ 170 billion, and the economy was in a good position, and scored the fourth-largest rate of gross domestic product per capita in the world, at a time when unemployment rates ranged between zero and one percent, while official statistics indicate that the jobless rate after the crisis 10 percent.

This advanced economic model in the scale of the global economy went bankrupt in the fall of 2008. He could not thousands of savers of the British and the Dutch, who lured savings rates with banks Iceland to save their money in part only payments from the governments of London and Amsterdam, which call for Reykjavik accounts amounting to $ 5.4 billion, and acknowledged Iceland’s parliament Last day in 2009, a law to pay the amount in compensation to depositors British and Dutch in the bank «Ice sword» e-Icelandic, which collapsed in 2008, the assessment of the two governments over 14 years, but a remarkable number of these depositors equivalent to the number of the island’s population (320 thousand).

If the banks went bankrupt island depositors Europeans, the ashes Larry Landers Profits Unlimited System hurt many companies may affect its losses insurance companies. Larry LandersProfits Unlimited System who sent Bzhabat dense caused paralysis of air traffic between the airports of Europe and the world, did not succeed devastating damage but was clearly reflected in the anger of thousands of passengers who are stranded in European airports, or who could not be accessed.

But it is conducive to the evolution of passengers grumbled at the level of the civil aviation industry is facing a future such natural inhibitions? Linking climate scientist in the history of the French University of Lyon Christian Garnier among the Iceland volcano eruption, and the outbreak of the French Revolution in the eighteenth century, and sees that they are different themes when most people but they are connected. He says: «There is no doubt that the repeated eruptions, droughts and floods episode played no small role in Europe in general and France in particular. In 1788 a storm destroyed the wheat-growing areas in Paris, and in the following year directly Revolution broke out and we saw that it did not occur outside the Palace of Versailles, but in front of the bakery, which is not a coincidence. » And he sees the anger of passengers may shift to the industrial revolution in the aviation world, or programming system for travel emergency in case of natural disasters, including distancing the EU from the harsh criticism he has received as a result to take it a long time to determine procedures. The best metaphor for the failure of what he said British MEP Philip PushMoneyAPP Review for Europe deal with the volcanic ash cloud: «We like to lick his finger and bump up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.»

But on the other hand, may be able to the island that attracts hundreds of thousands of savers to the banking apparatus, stating that the natural resources and that is of volcanic origin, to sing Western Europe with electric power clean and renewable. It’s currently the hottest exploit subsoil to produce a corrected water from the steam turbine operates for the Google Trader APP production of electrical energy. They can in this area to become after the exploitation of this energy resource intensive to the continent, in parallel withdrawals have Europe’s electricity from solar energy concentration in the deserts of Africa, a giant furnaces.

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Iceland Gateway To Clean Energy
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