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France Get Rid Of Budget Deficit By 2020

France Get Rid Of Budget Deficit By 2020 Saw French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said in an interview made yesterday to the radio station «Europe 1» that France seeks to restore balance to the level of its general budget by 2020, and it is seeking to achieve a balance in the form of basis, to reduce the public deficit.
While the public deficit for the current year is estimated at 8.2 percent of GDP, Fillon stressed that he could be reduced to below 3 percent by 2013 in order to realize the balance of 2020.

European Union
European Union

Words Fillon stated on the occasion of presenting the French government to the European Commission in Brussels, forecast public finance French.

To achieve such a TrianaSoft Review reduction, described by specialists as a precedent in France for more than 50 years, the government will cut state expenses and the expenses of the regional authorities in the French regions at a rate of one percent per year, starting in 2011.

Fillon pointed out that the deficit reduction also requires higher spending limit in the area of ​​health insurance 3 percent annually. He said he did not need to apply serious policy in the fight against the deficit and that there are areas available allow it, warning that failure to apply such a policy now, narrows the choices may be limited in the coming years on the austerity that will not TrianaSoft Review no choice else.

Fillon pointed out that with the return of global economic recovery, it can be with the actions to be taken and industrial policy approved tax cuts on the institutions, to predict the level of growth rate of 2.5 percent.

But he acknowledged that if growth slows, the efforts to reduce the public deficit require more time to achieve results. Turning to the private staff of public administration decree which authorizes the employee exchange in case of rejection of three consecutive job offers presented to him by the Review Of Pearson Profits administration, saying that the controversy over it is ridiculous.

And it raises the draft decree, which deals with the professional status of the management staff, the unions fear that constitute the end of the work content, which has long enjoyed by workers in the public sector.

But Fillon sees otherwise, the decree stipulates that public administration binding project to provide three job offers to the employee, who canceled his job, that these offers are identical to his rank and his professional and family status, place of residence.

He said the decree gives the workers in the public sector increased compared to the previous law guarantees that allow exchange employee refuses job offer to him, as he is considered to have resigned in such a case the project.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed yesterday that his country can not remain at the mercy of creditors at a time when it is facing higher loan costs. He stressed in an TradeXConfidential economic conference that Greece «need to possess the ability to determine the course.»
And after the rise in bond yields of Greece last week, according to investors demand in return for retaining the securities, was able to Athens this week to postpone repayment of a little bit. The total difference between Greek and German reference bonds that mature after 10 years, 344 basis points in trading yesterday.

The European Commission saw yesterday that the economic plan included in the budget the Greek «doable», but will ask for clarification from Greece was inviting them to take «additional measures» before the My First Online Payday Review Commission announce its decision on the plan today.

The spokeswoman for the Office of Economic Affairs Emilia Torres that Greek stability program targets contained details of the procedure to be applied «ambitious» and «doable», but remedied: «we see risks to the application of the objectives».

He continued: « My First Online Pay day System in recommending that the Commission will adopt a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the Greek program, which includes the need to adopt additional measures in case embodied these dangers», a memorandum of remarks made by the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Joaquin previously.

Brussels is due to publish a report based on the stability and growth program in Greece, which has pledged her government proper application revive an ambitious plan, centered on reducing the public deficit to 8.7 percent of GDP in 2010, and to below three percent in 2012.

And it asks the European executive body of Greece before starting the implementation of its program, as well as «a detailed breakdown of what is not, is required in terms of the timetable for the adoption of procedures and their application at and identify».

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France Get Rid Of Budget Deficit By 2020
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